NOW OR NEVER dropped their self-titled debut recently. It is quite the release from this international bunch of musos. The music bridges the gap between power and heavy metal quite nicely. There is never a sense of “heard it all before” and they have successfully produced an album that is worth your time and ears. The band have thankfully managed to stay away from the naffness that affects so many bands of this type. Then again, it shouldn’t be too shocking that this is a quality release, as two members are ex-members of Pretty Maids. Still, it is rare that a debut has this much going for it.



We are currently working on our second album and will be entering the studio mid-january 2015 to start recording. We will be working again with our "gourou" producer Pat Liotard at the PEEK studio in the Sth of France.

We will keep you updated with pics and vids.


You can still by our first album which is:


AVAILABLE on itunes, Spotify, Amazon and on more than 240 digital webshops... and of course in the shops.....